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Are You A Responsible Tourist?

Updated: Jan 24

B1 Level English Lesson Plan


What's In This Lesson Plan?

Women taking pictures of each other in a field of orange flowers.

Today's lesson will focuses on the impact that tourism has on the natural world and over-tourism. Travel and tourism is sure to engage students and allow them to easily participate with the places they've visited and expand on the vocabulary they will have already developed at A level.

The latter part of the lesson will open up to discussion-type questions where students will be expected to make recommendations on how to deal with the problems of over-tourism.

Download Lesson Plan:

Are you a Responsible Tourist Class Version
Download PDF • 7.16MB
Are you a Responsible Tourist Teacher's Version
Download PDF • 7.18MB
Are you a Responsible Tourist Vocabulary Sheet
Download PDF • 1.01MB

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