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Hello! Bonjour, Hola, Ni Hao and welcome to, a collection of engaging, structured and versatile English language lesson plans designed to support English Teachers and Tutors who want to get the most out of their lessons.

Teaching a foreign language is no simple task, we've been there and we found that we were spending more time preparing classes than actually teaching. That's why we offer a wide array of English lesson plans on a huge range or relevant topics designed to improve confidence, conversational fluency and general understanding of the English Language;

We do the prep so you can focus on your students.   

All of our plans are in English so you can adapt them to whatever language you want to teach. Our plans also come with teacher's notes to help you adapt plans to your language and your students

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

We get this a lot...

Are your lesson plans designed for specific languages?

Definitely not, we're committed to making our plans easy to use and accessible for teachers of all languages at all levels of experience. Our lesson plans are created by a team of teachers and tutors who come from a background of many different languages so there's no favouritism here. Lessons can be tweaked to suit your teaching style and your students' level of ability.

Are your lesson plans for British English or American English?

We're from the U.K so you might notice that some spellings in our lesson plans are British English e.g. 'Favourite', 'Organise' and 'Defence' however we will discuss these differences in some lessons as well as the alternative vocabulary between the two. There is no one particular type of English that we aim to teach and all of our plans are easily customisable for those who wish to adapt them.

I only teach specific levels of English, can I customise my subscription around that?

Certainly, we've set up memberships to be easily tailored, if you only want to teach particular levels of student e.g. Only B and C level then you simply need to choose the two plans from our membership area.

I'm a new tutor, will these class be OK for me to use?

Definitely, all of our lesson plans come with accompanying teaching notes to add direction and structure to the class plus notes of where to factor in your students' current level of English. If you're new to teaching English then our plans will do just the trick in helping you find your way.

How often do new classes get uploaded?

If you're reading this then that means you're early, is still in it's infancy and we're hard at work populating the site with new lesson plans. Once the site is up to speed with at least 100 lesson plans we aim to have a regular schedule of 3 lessons per week across, 1 lesson per level; beginner, intermediate and advanced

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